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We do not take reservations. We are on first come first serve basis.

Our Story

Each thali is a celebration of our rich culinary heritage. Our goal is for our unlimited thalis to transport you to the nostalgic, warm embrace of Nani or Dadi’s (grandma) house– where we insist on feeding you until you are full. At Jodhpur, hospitality is not just a tradition, it is a commitment to treating you like royalty.

The Experience

From the aromatic spices of North India to the coastal delights of the South and the vibrant cuisine of the West, our Thalis take you on a journey to capture the essence of each region. 

A place for family and friends

We like to pamper and feed our guests until they can eat no more, following our traditional value system of “Atithi Devo Bhava” 🙏

A fresh take on traditional thali

Our thali at Jodhpur takes traditional thalis to an elegant space. Each thali comes with over 22 items including appetizers, dals, curries, breads, assortments, and sweets. We bring you a diverse assortment of flavors in one delightful experience. 

History Of Thali

The word “Thali” translates to “plate” and refers to a complete, balanced meal served on a single platter. The concept of thali can be traced to ancient Vedic traditions. Over time, thali evolved to showcase the cultural diversity of India, incorporating local ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques. It became a symbol of hospitality, reflecting the warmth and generosity of Indian households.

Today, the thali has become a culinary canvas that captures the essence of India’s culinary heritage. At Jodhpur, we honor this rich history by offering a modern interpretation of the traditional thali.

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