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We do not take reservations. We are on first come first serve basis.

Our Story

An unlimited thali is quintessentially Indian, not just for variety but because it is true to Indian tradition. Keeping this legacy alive, at Jodhpur, the service begins with a meticulously synchronized operation of transforming an empty thali into an appetizing kaleidoscope of complementing colors, textures, and flavors.

The Experience

“Thali’ is the epitome of ‘cultural exploration’ on a plate and we have brought it to NOVA for you to indulge, in what we proudly call – A royal vegetarian experience!!

A place for family and friends

We like to pamper and feed our guests until they can eat no more, following our traditional value system of “Atithi Devo Bhava” 🙏

A fresh take on traditional thali

Our thali at Jodhpur incorporates most of the basic Indian dining etiquettes, in an elegant yet comfortable space with a modern twist.

History Of Thali

The first mention of Dunas — or small bowls — can be found in texts from the Vedic period, but the portioning we see in today’s thalis has its roots in the establishment of social structures and hierarchy levels. During times of war, for example, a soldier’s thali had more proteins and carbohydrates with bold flavors that were supposed to induce vigor. The same thali would comprise light dishes and subtly flavored sweets during peacetime. Most Indian thalis feature palate cleansers which help diners experience flavors better and also negate the need to drink water and Chaach (Buttermilk) — which is said to impede digestion — during a meal.

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